At the bottom of the Macocha Abyss

THE PUNKVA CAVE and MACOCHA ABYSS (half day) if PERNSTEJN CASTLE this is a full day 

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This is a very popular one day trip from Brno which combines a bit of architecture in a small village Křtiny with a beautiful Baroque church. The village sits on the boundary of the Moravian Karst nature reserve. It's a tiny, tiny village with a HUGE Baroque church. It's actually shocking when you drive into the village and see this gigantic Baroque pilgrimage site, The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and other buildings that make up this Premonstratensian monastery, positively dominating the landscape. You immediately know why its referred to as the "pearl of Moravia". There is also a ossuary below the church with twelve skulls with the letter "T" painted on them. WE also do a bit of easy hiking in the Moravian Karst full of caves, visit the Macocha abyss, the Punkva Cave, (OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND) visit to the Pernstejn castle (video) or a tour of a small brewery with beer sampling in the town of CERNA HORA. I have been to this trip so many times with my clients or friends but never got bored. At lunch time we usually stop at popular restaurant which in fall serves venison and game. 



EUR 130 per person

The price includes: guiding in English and transportation, does not include entrance fees: Punkva Cave approx. EUR 10, gomdola EUR 4, Pernstejn Castle EUR 8.

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Here you can read a nice description of this trip from Peggy s  Kaszas (USA) BLOG: 

— PUNKVA CAve and Macocha Abyss —