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Czech and Moravian Castles and Chateaux and a trip to the MACOCHA Abyss and the PUNKVA Cave

This is a "sister site" to another web page www.BRNOguide.org 

 where I offer trips in the Czech Republic, (YouTube) mainly aroud BRNO, the capital of the southern Moravia. There are over thousands of castles, chateaux, manors and castle ruins in the Czech Republic. Majority of them are owned by the state and are open to the public. I live in Brno and I am happy to guide you to some of typical castles and chateux near BRNO, like the PERNSTEJN and DOLNI KOUNICE CASTLE (privately owned !!! / ,  LEDNICE, VALTICE, MIKULOV  ( the NEW YORK TIMES wrote an article about this famous wine region) and AUSTERLITZ CHATEAUX. 


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Valtice chateau
Valtice chateau

BRNOguide offers you:

  • a personal small tour experience
  • tailor made trips

  • BRNOguide offers you:
  •  the opportunity to get and hike or bike "off the beaten track"
  • passionate, knowledgeable guide

  • BRNOguide offers you:
  • local knowledge, security, friendliness



Join me and explore the charm of those historic places